Briquet Griffon Vendeen

Breed Information


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Briquet Griffon Vendeen

Other names

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen



Breed Group

Scenthound (UKC)





Life Span

10-12 years







Male: 19–22 inches (49–56 cm)

Female: 19–21 inches (47–54 cm)


48-53 pounds (21.8–24.1 kg)


Black & Tan, Light Brown, Fawn, Gray & White, Tri-colored, Orange & White

Litter Size

4-6 puppies

Puppy Prices

Average $1000 – $1200 USD

A Briquet Griffon Vendéen puppy will cost about $1000 from a decent breeder of pet quality dogs. For something from a top breeder, or if you are looking for show standards and experience you can expect to pay a lot more than that.

Disclaimer: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, dogs are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary. Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet.

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Briquet Griffon Vendeen Dog Breed Characteristics


The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a medium-sized scent hound bred to hunt rabbits and hare in the harsh terrain of France. Playful, lively, and friendly, these dogs make excellent companions in an active home. Their devotion and affection endear them to their families. Read on to learn more about this unique French hunting dog.

History of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen


The Briquet Griffon Vendeen originated in France, where it was developed specifically to hunt in the region of Vendee, located in western France. It’s one of four breeds of Griffon Vendeens, each originating from a different region in France. The Briquet is the largest of these breeds.

Briquets were bred by French nobles in the 16th century. Various hound breeds were crossed to create a scent hound able to traverse rough terrain and pick up faint scents while hunting rabbits, hares, and boar. The Briquet became popular among poachers in France as well.


The Briquet remained unknown outside of France until the late 1960s. It gained recognition from major kennel clubs in the 1980s and was admitted into the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service in 2006. It became eligible to compete in AKC companion and performance events in 2011 and finally achieved full AKC recognition in 2018.

Appearance of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen


The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a medium-sized dog, weighing 35 to 40 pounds and standing 20 to 23 inches tall at the shoulder. Males are slightly larger than females.

Coat and Color

This breed has a distinctive double coat. The outer coat is long, shaggy, and coarse. The undercoat is fine and dense. Coat colors include white with lemon, orange, sable, tricolor, or grizzle markings.

Distinguishing Features

The Briquet has a scruffy face with a mustache, beard, and eyebrows. Its pendulous ears are covered in long hair, and its tail curves slightly upward and is well-feathered. The overall look is unkempt but rugged.

Temperament of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen


Lively, energetic, and friendly summarize the Briquet Griffon Vendeen. They are extremely affectionate and devoted. Briquets enjoy being around people and other dogs. They are pack-oriented and don’t do well when left alone for long periods.

With Family

This breed thrives when it can be part of family activities. Briquets form close bonds with all members of its human pack. They are gentle companions for children. Early socialization helps them get along with other pets.

With Other Dogs

Briquets enjoy canine company and are usually friendly with other dogs. They should be supervised when first meeting strange dogs since some aggression toward unknown dogs may surface. Proper socialization helps prevent this.

With Strangers

While reserved with strangers, Briquets are rarely shy or aggressive. They will politely accept attention or ignore strangers once their family has welcomed them. This makes them excellent watch dogs that will announce visitors but not harm them.

Care of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen


The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is an energetic hunter accustomed to long days in the field. They need 60 to 80 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. Long walks, jogging, hiking, and field time allowing them to run and explore are ideal activities.


The shaggy coat needs brushing two to three times per week to remove dead hair and prevent matting. Trim overgrown hair between the paw pads. Check and clean ears regularly. Bath when dirty. Stripping or clipping the coat once or twice a year is optional.


Two to three cups of high-quality dry dog food divided into two meals per day will meet the needs of this active breed. Adjust amounts as needed to maintain ideal weight.


Briquets are a hardy breed with a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. Health issues to be aware of include hip dysplasia, ear infections, eye problems, and bloat.

Training the Briquet Griffon Vendeen


Briquets are intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. Their strong hunting instinct makes recall training essential. Leash training is recommended since they will wander and follow scents.


Early socialization to a wide variety of people, places, dogs, and situations helps ensure a friendly, well-adjusted Briquet. Continued social interaction throughout their life is important for this pack-oriented breed.

Purpose of the Briquet Griffon Vendeen


The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a talented hunting scenthound able to track rabbits, hares, and boar over long distances and rough terrain. Their stamina, bravery, and phenomenal sense of smell make them prized hunters.

Show Dog

In areas where hunting is not permitted, Briquets excel in conformation showing and a variety of dog sports. They also make fine therapy dogs.


Lively and affectionate, the good-natured Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a wonderful family companion when provided sufficient exercise and interactive play each day. They thrive when included in activities with their human pack.


The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a hardy French scenthound with an entertaining personality and affectionate nature. They need plenty of exercise and interactive family time. With proper care, training, and socialization, the loyal Briquet makes an excellent canine companion. Their lively spirit and devotion endear them to all.


Are Briquet Griffon Vendeens good family dogs?

Yes, Briquets have an affectionate, lively disposition that makes them excellent family companions. They form close bonds and do well with children.

Do Briquet Griffon Vendeens shed a lot?

Briquets are average shedders. They have a shaggy double coat that requires regular brushing to control loose hairs. Expect some shedding.

How much exercise does a Briquet Griffon Vendeen need?

This is an energetic hunting breed that needs 60 to 80 minutes of vigorous exercise every day, including activities that allow running and exploring.

Are Briquet Griffon Vendeens easy to train?

Yes, Briquets are intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement training that respects their independent nature. Early socialization and training are recommended.

What health issues do Briquets have?

Briquets are generally healthy but prone to some issues including hip dysplasia, ear infections, eye problems, and bloat. Reputable breeders screen for health problems.

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