Bracco Italiano

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Bracco Italiano

Other names

Italian Pointer, Italian Pointing Dog, Bracco



Breed Group


Gun dogs (UKC)





Life Span

11-13 years









Male: 23–26 inches (58–67 cm)

Female: 22–24 inches (55–62 cm)


25–40 kg (55–88 lb)


White, White & Amber, White & Chestnut, Orange & White

Litter Size

4-6 puppies

Puppy Prices

Average $2000 – $2500 USD

Bracco Italianos are still a somewhat rare breed in the United States. This can make it both difficult and expensive to find a puppy to buy. In buying to a legit Breeder you can expect to pay $2000 – $2500 to Bracco Italiano puppies.

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed

Disclaimer: While the characteristics mentioned here may frequently represent this breed, dogs are individuals whose personalities and appearances will vary. Please consult the adoption organization for details on a specific pet.

Breed Characteristics



Apartment Friendly


Barking Tendencies



Cat Friendly


Child Friendly


Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

Dog Friendly


Exercise Needs


Bracco Italianos have average needs for exercise. The Bracco Italiano requires frequent human interaction.



Low Maintenance: Infrequent grooming is required to maintain upkeep.

Health Issues


Hypoallergenic: Unknown



Ranking: (N/A) Full Ranking List



Shedding Level


Moderate Shedding: Routine brushing will help. Be prepared to vacuum often!

Stranger Friendly




Moderately Easy Training: The Bracco Italiano is easy to train. They are very sensitive to harsh treatment, so excessive strictness is not recommended. They learn very quickly and are extremely adaptable, making them perfect for hunting.

Watchdog Ability


Bracco Italiano Dog Breed Characteristics

The Bracco Italiano is a magnificent hunting dog breed revered for its hunting skills and beloved as a loyal family companion. This ancient Italian breed boasts a noble appearance and keen intelligence that endear it to owners worldwide. Read on to learn more about the characteristics that make the Bracco Italiano truly one-of-a-kind.


With its distinctive spotted coat, long floppy ears, and regal stature, the Bracco Italiano turns heads wherever it goes. Some key features of its appearance include:

  • Coat – Short, dense coat with distinctive white spots on a reddish or fawn background. The spots can be small or large, but are always white.
  • Color – Shades of fawn, reddish-brown, and dark brown, with white spotting. The head often features a white blaze.
  • Size – Large breed, standing 21-27 inches tall at the shoulder. Weighs 55-88 pounds.
  • Ears – Long and floppy, reaching well past the cheeks when pulled forward. Covered with silky hair.
  • Eyes – Oval shaped and large. Amber, hazel or chestnut colored. Intelligent and soulful expression.
  • Nose – Broad with well-opened nostrils. Always brown in color.

The Bracco’s regal stature and unique coat lend it an air of nobility fitting for an ancient Italian breed cherished by nobles for centuries.


The Bracco Italiano is a loyal, patient, and gentle companion. Key personality traits include:

  • Intelligent – This breed is highly intelligent and attentive, absorbing training quickly. Their smarts make them a great hunting partner.
  • Affectionate – Forms close bonds with family. Thrives on companionship and being involved in family activities.
  • Docile – Gentle and eager to please. Makes a patient playmate for children.
  • Quiet – Not prone to excessive barking. Has a melodious “roo-roo” vocalization.
  • Steady – Mature and thoughtful. Grace under pressure makes this dog an ideal gun dog.
  • Independent – Independent thinking suits its work as a hunter in the field. Can be stubborn but responds to positive training.

The Bracco’s blend of devotion, gentleness, and quiet dignity has earned it a reputation as a loving family dog and steadfast working partner.

Care & Exercise Needs

Despite its large size, the Bracco Italiano adapts well to life in homes and apartments. It has moderate care needs and exercise requirements:

  • Exercise – Needs 60+ minutes of exercise per day. Does well with long daily walks, jogging, interactive play in a fenced yard. Also enjoys swimming.
  • Training – Eager to please and highly responsive to positive reinforcement training methods like food rewards and praise.
  • Grooming – Short coat requires only occasional brushing and bathing as needed.
  • Living Space – Does okay in apartments if sufficiently exercised. A house with a yard is ideal.
  • Cold Tolerance – Tolerates cold well thanks to its dense coat. Enjoys brisk weather.

Providing daily activity and training will keep your Bracco fit and content. Its adaptable nature makes it an easy keeper.

History & Origin

With a history stretching back to ancient times, the Bracco Italiano is one of the oldest European gun dog breeds. Some key notes about its history:

  • Ancient breed – Originated in Italy and mentioned in writings as early as the 4th century BC.
  • Developed as gun dog – Bred by Italian nobles to be the ultimate hunting companion with superb scenting ability.
  • Nearly extinct – Numbers dropped significantly after WWII but the breed recovered by the 1990s.
  • Still rare – The AKC recognized the breed in 2015 but Bracchi are still uncommon outside of Europe.
  • Aristocratic past – Owned by royalty throughout history for its prowess at hunting birds and other game.

The Bracco Italiano survives today as a testament to its essential qualities valued for thousands of years – keen hunting ability, staunch devotion, and aristocratic good looks.

Training & Exercise Needs

The Bracco was born to hunt, so fulfilling its exercise needs is paramount. Training must also focus its sharp mind.

  • Exercise – Long daily walks, jogging, hiking, field work, swimming. Likes having a job to do. Brisk mental and physical activity is a must.
  • Training – Responds very well to positive reinforcement training and food rewards. Eager to please owners.
  • Socialization – Early socialization is critical. Should meet other dogs, animals, people consistently as a pup.
  • Mental Stimulation – Benefits from canine sports like agility, nose work, tracking. Activities that provide mental and physical challenge.
  • Leash – Needs a lot of leash training, as hunting instincts make them want to roam and explore. Practice good recall skills.

An active lifestyle and training plan brings out the best in the Bracco’s abilities while forming a close bond.

Health & Care

Fortunately, the Bracco Italiano is a naturally hardy breed blessed with good health. Some considerations:

  • Lifespan – Average lifespan 12-14 years.
  • Major issues – Generally free from hereditary defects, but eye issues and hip dysplasia can sometimes occur.
  • Minor issues – Prone to gastric torsion and sensitive to anesthesia. Puppies should eat several small meals daily.
  • Vet visits – Visit a vet annually and keep up with preventative care. Eye, hip, and cardiac exams important for monitoring any issues.

Providing excellent nutrition, regular vet care, and proper exercise will help keep your Bracco its healthiest and happiest throughout its long lifespan.

Is the Bracco Italiano the Right Dog For You?

If you love an active outdoor lifestyle and want a loyal companion, the Bracco may be perfect. Consider if you meet these criteria:

  • Active household able to provide 60+ minutes of daily activity
  • Enjoy walking, running, swimming, hiking with your dog
  • Have time for consistent training and socialization
  • No small pets, as the Bracco’s prey drive is strong
  • Can accommodate a large, strong dog
  • Appreciate a very smart, somewhat independent-minded dog
  • Will keep your Bracco physically and mentally engaged

As an ancient breed designed to hunt all day in the woods and fields, the Bracco Italiano thrives with owners who can meet its needs for exercise, training, and togetherness. An active household is this happy breed’s natural home.

Fun Facts About Bracchi

A few interesting tidbits about these unique Italian gun dogs:

  • The Bracco is sometimes called the Italian Pointer or Italian Pointing Dog due to its versatile hunting abilities and pointing instinct.
  • Unlike most hunting dogs, the Bracco hunts using a trotting gait instead of a gallop, allowing it to track scents and game efficiently for hours.
  • Bracchi can form strong bonds with other pets like cats and farm animals if raised alongside them from puppyhood. Their gentle nature helps them get along well with other household pets.
  • A keen swimming ability allows the Bracco to happily retrieve waterfowl. Their water-resistant coat helps them thrive in all types of hunting and field conditions.
  • The Bracco has a melodious, rather than loud, bark. They use a unique “roo-roo” vocalization more often than barking.
  • The breed has an excellent sense of direction and ability to navigate its way back home from miles away using its keen homing instincts.


For centuries, the Bracco Italiano has been treasured for its ability to work all day on the hunt while being gentle and affectionate in the home. This rare breed rewards active owners who can provide it with vigorous daily exercise, training, and loving companionship. Its noble character and devotion make the Bracco Italiano a magnificent yet easygoing companion.


Here are answers to some common questions about the magnificent Bracco Italiano dog breed:

Are Bracchi good family dogs?

Yes! Their affectionate, patient nature makes them excellent family companions. They bond deeply with all members of their household.

How much exercise does a Bracco need?

Bracchi have abundant energy and need 60+ minutes of vigorous exercise every day, as well as mental stimulation. Long walks, running, swimming, and games in a yard are great activities for them.

Are Bracco Italianos easy to train?

This intelligent breed responds very well to positive reinforcement training that utilizes praise, treats, and rewards. Their people-pleasing personality makes them highly trainable.

Do Bracchi do well in apartments?

Bracchi can adapt to apartment living provided their considerable daily exercise needs are met with long walks, jogging, or other activities. Access to a yard is ideal, but not essential if you commit to exercising a Bracco vigorously each day.

How often should a Bracco be groomed?

The Bracco has a short, dense coat that requires only occasional brushing to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Bathe only when needed.

Are Bracchi prone to health problems?

This is fortunately a robust, healthy breed not prone to many inherited conditions. Buying from health-tested parents and providing vet care minimizes any risk.

Do Bracchi shed?

Yes, the Bracco Italiano sheds moderately year-round. Regular brushing will help contain loose hair. Some seasonal shedding spikes can occur as well.

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